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    Healthy home flooring


    Antique logs


    Antique logs ? healthy home flooring

    其實早在20世紀70年代,歐美地區就有了仿古地板。因為西方崇尚歷史、追求自然,借表面做舊和手刮紋的模仿,開始進入地板、家具制作中。 仿古地板從誕生那天起,其與傳統地板的區別,就在于加入了“文化、藝術、審美、理念、訴求、主張、意識”的成分。而在后來推廣過程中,這種“文化、主張”的因素被人為地增強。仿古地板,也因此被定義為地板中的“高端”產品。 隨著人們對仿古地板接受和喜愛程度越來越大,仿古地板作為工藝地板的一個重要分支,從接受程度上,已經實現了大眾化;從家居風格的搭配上,已經實現了多元化。 仿古風格遠不是單純的仿天然紋理那么簡單,它是在展現木材本質特性之上再去實現木制品受大自然影響后日積月累形成的天然屬性。 仿古地板追求的是一種純自然的感覺。與以往地板相比,仿古風格地板顯得厚重許多,它色彩多變,以深色為主,在保留木材自有紋理基礎上,又人為地添加了斑節、表面起伏等元素。 它所表現的是一種素面朝天的感覺,只有統一之中包含不統一的元素,才能讓地板真正實現自然的感覺,千篇一律的花色、紋使人產生視覺疲勞。仿古木地板的原材料一般都是由國外進口的木種。并不是所有進口木種都可以被制作成仿古木地板,只有那些木紋清晰,耐磨度好,適合深度加工且本身具有質感的木料,才能成為仿古地板的原材料。

    In fact, as early as the 1970s, Europe and the United States there is antique flooring. Because the West advocates history, the pursuit of nature, by the surface of the old hand and scratch the imitation, began to enter the floor, furniture production. Antique floor from the day of its birth, the difference between its traditional floor, lies in the addition of "cultural, artistic, aesthetic, ideas, demands, ideas, consciousness," the ingredients. In the later promotion process, the factors of "culture and advocacy" were artificially enhanced. Antique flooring, and therefore is defined as the floor of the "high-end" products. As people accept and love the antique floor more and more large, antique flooring as an important branch of the craft floor, from the acceptance level, has achieved popularity; from the home style with the diversification has been achieved. Antique style is far from simple imitation of natural texture so simple, it is to show the nature of the wood and then to achieve the natural impact of wood products after the natural properties formed over time. Antique flooring is the pursuit of a pure natural feeling. Compared with the previous floors, the antique style floor appears to be a lot of thick, it is changing color, dark-based, while preserving the basis of its own wood texture, but also artificially add a section, the surface ups and downs and other elements. What it shows is a feeling of cosmos, and only the unification includes the elements that are not unified, so that the floor can truly feel natural. The stereotyped colors and patterns cause people to have visual fatigue. Antique wood flooring are generally imported from foreign wood species. Not all imported wood species can be made into antique wood flooring, only those wood clear, good wear resistance, suitable for depth processing and texture of the wood itself, can become antique flooring raw materials.

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